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Other Fees & Charges

Account Maintenance
Item Fees & Charges Min Max
Custody Fee HKD0.15 per board lot
(Fee Collection on 30 June and 31 December of each year)
(rounded up to the nearest lot)
HKD90 HKD2,000
HKSCC - Stock
Segregated Account
with Statement
Service (SSA)
Handling fee: HKD500 per application
Yearly maintenance fee: HKD120
(Yearly maintenance fee will be charged on the first
trading day of each year and will not be reimbursedon
a pro-rata basis upon account termination)
--- ---
Copy of
Account Statement
HKD50 per page HKD150 ---
Copy of
Client Agreement
HKD50 per booklet --- ---
Copy of Account
History Movement
HKD30 per one month --- ---
Audit / Account
Confirmation Fee
HKD500 per request --- ---
Physical Statements Securities Account: HKD120 per year
Futures Account:  HKD120 per year
--- ---
Third Party Instruction on Trading Account Application for each Authorised Person : HKD300
Annual Renewal of each Authorised Person : HKD300
--- ---
Custody Fee for Bonds 0.5% annually on face value --- ---
Financing And Other Services
Item Fees Remarks
Delayed Settlement
Annual Interest Rate
(Cash Account)
HKD Prime Rate^ + 10% p.a ^ Refer to HKD Prime Rate quoted
by DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Margin Finance
Annual Interest Rate
(Margin Account)
HKD Prime Rate^ + 3% p.a ^ Refer to HKD Prime Rate quoted
by DBS Bank(Hong Kong) Ltd.
Dishonored /
Returned Cheque
HKD150 per dishonored / returned cheque ---
CHATS Payment HKD150 for HKD or
HKD200 for USD remittance per request
Telegraphic Transfer
HKD200 per request +
additional bank charges for any extra services *
Bank Draft HKD60 per HKD Bank Draft or
HKD100 per USD BankDraft +
additional bank charges for any extra services *
Enquiry / Amendment /
Cancellation of TT /
HKD300 per request ---
Dividend Claim HKD700 per stock +
0.5% of any unclaimed dividend / shares entitlement
Bought / Sold
HKD300 per request ---
IPO Application HKD100 per application (Applicable to a client who would like to
authorise Mason Securities for IPO
subscription on his or her behalf)
Information Services
Real-Time Stock
Quotes Service Subscription
Monthly Fee for
HK & Other Region Users
Monthly Fee for
China User #(HKD)
Megahub PowerTicker (Web Version 2.0 + Mobile) HKD450 HKD350
Megahub PowerTicker (Web Pro Version + Mobile) HKD720 ---
AAStocks QuoteWinner HKD450 HKD350
AA M-Winner HKD450 ---
AAstocks QuoteWinner + AA M-Winner HKD530 ---
*Extra services such as relex message in Chinese characters, TT in HK Dollar, demand draft in HKD etc
#All accounts must have China residential proof. Customers can only enjoy this service in Mainland China (not applicable to Hong
 Kong and Macau)