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About Mason Group Holdings


Mason Group Holdings Limited (“MGHL”), through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, provides a wide range of financial services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial institutions and individuals in Hong Kong. Such services include the provision of dealing in securities, futures, options trading services; margin financing, leverage & acquisition financing, corporate finance, wealth management, asset management, strategic & direct investment and market research services.

Aside from the above, MGHL has endeavored in developing its presence in Mainland China. In March 2016, MGHL formed a Sino-foreign joint-venture with a number of well-established financial institutions in setting up Shengang Securities Company Limited (“Shengang Securities”), a financial institution incorporated in the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone with a registered capital of RMB 3.5 billion. Shengang Securities is the first Sino-foreign financial institution approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (“CSRC”) under the Mainland Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (“CEPA”) framework to grant a license for carrying out multi securities-related businesses in the PRC. Such license can be extended to a full license upon reaching the first anniversary of the establishment of Shengang Securities. The amount of capital contribution paid by MGHL amounted to a total of RMB525 million which makes up of 15% of the total shareholding, making MGHL one of the largest shareholders of Shengang Securities. Shengang Securities is considered to be one of the most important milestones for MGHL in establishing its reach in China.

MGHL shall continue to expand its presence in the financial services sector. Apart from the promotion and refinement of existing financial services currently offered by MGHL, MGHL shall develop a diversified financial platform through the provision of a more diversified range of financial products; ultimately leading MGHL towards achieving its goal as becoming a globalized financial institution.


Mason Group Holdings Business Profiles



Hong Kong and Global Securities Business

Through Mason Securities Limited (“MSL”), MGHL provides customers with an extensive range of financial services in relation to trading of securities. Such services include: trading of Hong Kong and global securities, dealing in securities under the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect mechanism, securities margin financing and the subscription of shares under Initial Public Offerings (“IPO”) in Hong Kong. With more than 30 years of extensive experience within the securities industry, MSL has well-established teams of sales and research to provide comprehensive professional investment advice and market analysis for its clients. 


Hong Kong and Global Futures Business

Through Mason Futures Limited (“MFL”), MGHL provides customers with a diversified range of financial services on trading of futures contracts from Hong Kong futures and option contracts to global futures contracts. The comprehensive trading of futures contracts offered by MFL, alongside with in-depth analysis and real-time information provided by its professional sales team, customers can identify and take advantage of investment opportunities in the futures market.


Leveraged & Acquisition Finance Business

Through MSL, MGHL’s Leveraged and Acquisition Finance department provides customer with a range of in-depth and comprehensive Leveraged and Acquisition Finance consultation and financing services through various platforms offered by MGHL’s subsidiaries. Under the support of a strong team of experts within the Leveraged and Acquisition Finance Department and a diversified client base, MGHL allows customers’ access to institutional and high net-worth investors for more business opportunities.


Corporate Finance Business

Through MSL, MGHL has established a team of experts specialized in the provision of comprehensive corporate financial services, including: advising on mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring and spin-offs, rights issue, shares placing and underwriting. Supported by a sophisticated service platform and professionalism, MGHL offers all-round financial solutions enabling clients to achieve their financing goals and complete acquisition efficiently, thereby enhancing clients’ business development and market competitiveness.


Wealth Management Business

Through the Wealth Management Department of MSL, MGHL provides high net-worth, corporate and institutional investors with leading and innovative investment solutions. Supported by the diversified range of products offered by MGHL’s subsidiaries and a team of experts specialized within the field, solutions provided by the Wealth Management Department includes an extensive reach on different investment products, allowing for flexibility in the creation of investment solutions that fit the specific investment objectives and mandates of our customers.


Asset Management Business

Through the Asset Management Department of MSL, MGHL dedicates to provide customers with top notch local and global investment solutions. Our diversified investment strategies cover various products, including but not limited to securities, bonds, derivatives, funds and real estate investment scheme management. From traditional investment to tailor made asset management plan, MGHL serves as the most reliable partner for our clients.

MGHL strives to respond to customers’ demands and provides portfolio analysis on a timely, professional and thorough basis. Through provision of most up-to-date market information and commentary, we endeavor to establish long-term partnership with clients.


Strategic & Direct Investment Business

Strategic & direct investment business (“SDI”) serves as one of the core businesses of MGHL. The SDI team comprises of experts with extensive experience in investment management, covering a range of sectors including but not limited to Insurance, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, and Consumer/Retail Sectors with a demographical focus on mother-infant segments.


Market Research Service

Through MSL, MGHL provides customers with detailed and comprehensive analysis on Hong Kong equities on daily basis, assisting customers to get ahead of market trends and take advantage of investment opportunities. Through weekly stock and market analysis published via MSL’s weekly finance videos, customers are provided with perspective for long-term analysis of market movement.